• iOS 7: iPhone 5 Power Button Not Working

    If you have recently upgraded your iPhone 5 to iOS 7 and are experiencing issues with the power button not operating correctly, there is a temporary fix until Apple resolves the problem. Push the inside half of the power button. This works most of the time. The outside half of the power button usually doesn't work, so just keep pushing the inside half. Apple should issue a real fix soon, but thankfully it's "not your ...

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  • Get Mom an Apple TV on Mother's Day

    Mother's Day is coming up, which means it's time to buy mom that special gift. An inexpensive gift that will get Mom fired up is the Apple TV. Mom can view her photo stream instantly on her TV. Let ROZZEN Tech install your Apple TV for your mom after you give her the gift! Purchase the Apple TV on Amazon.

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  • The Cloud Backup

    Everyone has their own perspective of what the purpose of "The Cloud" is. Some say it's a place to back everything up, a storage place and some even think it is an arena in the skies. The truth of the matter is - it's a marketing term. Sorry to spoil the magic, but the cloud is simply a server on a different computer on the internet with a label of "Cloud". Although it's a marketing term, ...

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